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Making Member Management Easy

The Story Behind Member Jungle

Member Jungle is an online membership system that is designed to make it easy for organisations like yours to manage their members and day to day tasks.

The Member Jungle membership software system is delivered using tried and tested technology to help make Australian clubs easy to manage, profitable and sustainable for years to come. New features are continually being added to help with the time consuming and problematic issues faced by committee members. 

Across all areas of our business we are continually focused on providing a sustainable future. The integrated Member Jungle membership system is hosted by our own 100% green hosting team ensuring our customers 99.99% up-time and unparalleled security.


Michael Barwell - Member Jungle

Michael Barwell

CEO and Founder

Team Management and Herding Cats , High End Database Technology, UX System Design and Development, Knowing what book to recommend

"There is always a better way" - this is one of our core values and is Michael's mantra.  Michael likes to push the team behind Member Jungle to look at better ways of performing business, improving processes and coding like warriors.

Michael's background was in very early, large-scale Oracle database installations that took him around the world.  This experience provided the lever for using database technology to drive websites as they did drive large corporate systems. These ideas formed into our own content driven website systems that leverage the highest quality of software and security available.

Michael is also absolutely passionate about leaving our planet a better place for our children and is the major force behind our zero carbon footprint. His love of renewable energy technology is the force behind our high-use of solar technology and he loves his Tesla electric vehicle far too much.


Jeff Pond - Member Jungle

Jeff Pond

Technical Operations Director

Cloud Architecture & Security, Managed Web Hosting, Technical Support

Also sporting a "Movember" stache (which he started a month early), Jeff is our office tech guy that genuinely loves making sure our membership systems are working day and night. Jeff leads our awesome technical support team and is one of the few people who can honestly say they have built from scratch a complete cloud hosting environment. We are proud of all our team members but Jeff's contribution means our web hosting infrastructure is second to none.

In most offices, Jeff would be given credit for his exceptional marathon running but according to Melissa Robertson (our resident ultra-marathon runner) who keeps beating his times, he "needs to do more speed work".

A carpenter in a former life, Jeff doesn't just have computer skills but is also handy when it comes to fixing things around the office. While most times he finds these requests way below his exceptional skill level (thought we better butter him up before the next job), he always has a smile on his face and is willing to help, both us and our customers.


Leigh Clover - Member Jungle

Leigh Clover

Director of Membership and Marketing

Digital Marketing, Membership Management Systems, SEO & User Experience Metrics

Leigh is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet and is constantly finding new ways to delight and look after our customers. With over 17 years experience in marketing and online content management systems, she is a great person to speak to and get some great advice and suggestions for your online business.

Leigh is responsible for our marketing, sales and account management teams.  Her excitement and passion (and incredibly fast talking) is contagious to all her team members.

Leigh has been successfully helping lots of paid and volunteer membership coordinators get their time back by planning and moving their membership management systems online. If you want to talk more about how you can stop losing members and wasting money on postage, give her a call today!


Beau Gibson - Member Jungle

Beau Gibson

Development Team Leader

ColdFusion Development, Mobile App Design & Development, App Proximity & Location Development

Don't be fooled by his young appearance or the "Movember" growth on his face, Beau's innovative way of looking at things has been core to the Member Jungle system .  He has been a member of our crew since start up and is one of those people we admire who managed to juggle work and finish their Bachelor of Computer Science at the same time.

Although he hasn't much extra time for recreation over the last few years with uni and work, outside of the office he likes building electronics and playing tennis.

Katrina Comyns - Member Jungle Designer

Katrina Ryl

Senior Graphic Designer

Website Design, User Experience Web Design, CSS, Bootstrap and HTML Coding

Katrina or more often referred to as Kat, is the most creative one of the bunch of us and is responsible for making all of our websites look amazing!

With a Visual Communications degree and an Internet Communications degree under her belt, she is always itching to learn more and is constantly pushing the boundaries of design with every Member Jungle  theme she creates. Whilst most of the work our other team members do is behind the scenes, Kat is the one who "make your site pop" (well if that is what you want).

A born and bred Novocastrian, Katrina has been involved in projects locally, nationally and internationally throughout her career. If she's not glued to her computer or device screens, she's either glued watching the latest sitcom or out on an adventure with her growing family.