How To Save Time & Put The Fun Back Into Managing Your Club

How To Save Time & Put The Fun Back Into Managing Your Club

The challenge in managing volunteer organisations

Volunteer-run clubs and organisations are about passion. Passion for your sport, your hobby, your community,  your common interest.

And every week tens of thousands of people around the country donate their time to help manage and run the club they’re so passionate about. 

Unfortunately, many of these valuable volunteers end up spending so much time buried in the paperwork and management that they don’t have any time left over to enjoy their club. 

These volunteers, who are stuck doing time consuming, laborious tasks often end up that their efforts are not appreciated and can become disheartened in the role.

Membership renewal time can be a nightmare for club managers due to inadequate systems and lots of manual processes. 

Inefficient systems can also become a handbrake on club growth, as the burden on a handful of hardworking volunteers is too high.

Why are so many clubs stuck with inefficient management systems?

Hard working, well-intentioned volunteers are often stuck with a patchwork of inefficient processes and “systems” to run their club. 

“This is the way we’ve always done it!” is a regular comment we hear from frustrated volunteers. 

Often there is resistance to change because switching systems is perceived as being too hard or will take too long. As a result many clubs say, “it’s easier to just keep doing it this way.”

Technophobia is another common obstacle. Busy people who are volunteering their time don’t want to have to learn some “techy” new system, so they battle on with the slow old way.

However, there are real dangers for the club if systems aren’t improved. 

Money can go missing. Registrations and membership revenue can be missed. All the club’s valuable information and data can be in the hands of one committee member who might leave or, even worse, die leaving the organisation with nobody who knows how to use the current “system”. 

Club growth can be stifled, unintentionally, by an inadequate system that becomes a bottleneck. 

How to save time & put the fun back into managing your club

Fortunately, managing your club or organisation no longer has to be such a time consuming task. 

It is now possible to have a simplified back office with day-to-day tasks like registration renewals, payments and communications all automated and managed in one easy place. 

Hundreds of volunteers around the country have been able to turn their 20+ hours per week job into something more like only a few hours a month and rediscover the passion they had for their club.

They did it by using Member Jungle; Australia’s easiest all-in-one membership platform for volunteer organisations.

About Member Jungle

We started Member Jungle as we saw too many people running volunteer-run organisations spending all their time doing paperwork, rather than enjoying their club.

Clubs are about passion for a thing; a motorcycle, a sport, a common interest, but the people most passionate didn't have any time left over to enjoy their club. We knew we could develop a system using the latest tools to help these people. To help you.

Our mission is to help you replace time-consuming manual processes with Australia’s easiest all-in-one membership platform for volunteer organisations.

The Member Jungle membership software system is delivered using tried and tested technology to help make Australian clubs easy to manage, profitable and sustainable for years to come. New features are continually being added to help with the time consuming and problematic issues faced by committee members. 

Across all areas of our business we are continually focused on providing a sustainable future for our kids. The integrated Member Jungle membership system is hosted by our own 100% green hosting team ensuring our customers 99.99% up-time and unparalleled security.


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